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Basic Kelowna SEO Principles

You are about to launch your new website, and you are ready to welcome crowds of potential customers. But, if no one finds your website, how will they know what’s in store for them? It is, for this reason, Kelowna SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is essential for website owners.
Below are some of the basic principles in SEO that will help you improve your site.

What is User Intent?
When typing in Google, you are looking for particular information. You might be looking for a service, product, an answer to a problem, or general information. If you want potential customers to discover your business, optimize your website’s content for user intent.
Neil Patel describes user intent as the goal someone has in mind when looking up something in Google. Search engines know what user intent is, and as a result, they display web pages that are most relevant according to the user’s search in the search engine results page (SERP).

What is the best word count for a website page?
Word count is important in the website as it delivers content. Studies show a relation between high rankings and word count. According to Yoast, blogs with a word count of 1000+ words are likely to have higher rankings. However, for regular writing, 300 words are equally okay.
If your word count is high, Google understands what you are writing about quickly. Also, Google ranks articles with a higher word count higher.

Why do they say Content is King?
You might have heard the statement, ‘Content is King’. Ever asked yourself what its meaning is? Many have different interpretations, but its primary purpose is that content is a thing of its own; it stands out wherever it is. As such, you should always aim to deliver useful content consistently and frequently.
You might brainstorm article topics and ideas all day long, but eventually, you will have to publish and create content with insanely high quality. Content is supposed to interact with other people and not interrupt them.

What is anchor text?
Anchor text can be clicked and links to another document or location on the web. On most occasions, it is underlined and is displayed in blue. Search engines use anchor text when determining the keywords it should rank and the themed of the linked page.
Anchor text impacts the performance and search volume of a website. If a page has the right keywords and anchor texts, it is likely to rank well in search results.

Why is website speed important, and how to correct it?
Website speed shows how fast users can see and interact with information in your website. Website speed is important as it helps you identify areas needing improvement and track how they are affecting your overall performance. Website speed can also be the time it takes for a website to load.
There are various ways to increase your website speed, like cleaning up the website, opting for a different hosting provider, and speeding it up using EasyWP. EasyWP is a tool with the right infrastructure to serve users with the fastest speed and experience.